The Shark Carrier was in response to shark caretakers at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago experiencing pain while performing medical procedures on sharks. The device seeks to support the weight of the shark while not impeding on the procedure.
Final Project for Coding Bootcamp
  • Observation
  • Prototyping
  • Design Research
  • User Research
  • CAD Modeling

  • Problem

    Being an all WOMEN team we sought to create an experience for users that was seamless, but also spoke to their direct needs. Being a group of women we reflected on our experiences and found we all had the similar experience of:

    "Seeking the help and advice from our individual networks for our personal health."


    Based on our collective experiences, we identified 3 main goals...

    • A forum page in which users post questions they have for the community and respond to one another.
    • A product review page for feminine care products.
    • An article page in which users can find female health related articles based on their needs.


      Forum Page

    • Users can post a question to the community! These questions can range from a number of topics, from home remedies to health focussed pregnancy questions.
    • Other users can comment on posts and give suggestions to one another on each post.

      Product Review Page

    • A product review page in which users could share their opinion on a variety of products.
    • An article page in which users could find a variety of information related to women's health.

    Next steps...

    • Create a tagging system that allows users to sort through reviews, comments, and articles based on specified tags.
    • Connect the product page to an Amazon API to connect users directly to the products.