The Student State Ambassador Program engaged upper classmen and peers to encourage voter registration and civic engagement.

Service Design Course
  • Design Research
  • User Interviews
  • Brainstorming
  • Service Prototyping and Testing
  • Graphic Design

  • Problem

    College students have the lowest voting participation rate in the US...

    how might we increase student voter turnout on our campus?


    By engageing older peers we found that the program would address 3 main pain points for new freshmen on campus...
    • Overwhelmed with new responsibilities living away from home.
    • Voter registration is a scary complicated thing when they already have a lot to manage.
    • Have no one to go to for quick questions during the stressful transition.


    Background Research

    When first approaching this problem, we realized we had to have a better understanding of the users and stakeholders we were planning to

    After 15+ interviews we used the information we gathered to better understand the connection between the variety of stakeholders...

    After careful stakeholder exploration and interviews with a number of students on campus, we created two primary personas to think about as we went into the brainstorming phase of our project...


    To best explore the possibilities, we engaged in a number of brainstorming sessions to push ourselves to think about different problems and solutions to the voter engagment problem on campus. We brainstromed over 150 ideas prompted by How Might We questions and the personas we were focussed on.

    User Testing

    After testing 4 different concepts with a collection of students, Professors, and Professionals we sought to pursue our concept for Student State Ambassador.

    To better understand how concept would work, we explored the journey and touch points of our personas while they would use our service.

    For our functional testing we surrounded campus with maps and QR codes that allowed students to easily gain access to information all around campus. Additioanlly we put out state brochures with info of voter registration for specific states to mimic the information a student ambassador would communicate.

    Next steps...

    Working alongside the Civic Center we hope to implement a QR code map that allows students to gain information about voter registration for their home states while their walking to their study session.